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Are you an MS patient?
Do you know any MS patients closely?
What do you know about the disease?
Have you ever heard about the Cog Fog?

We invite all of you who are concerned about MS to be with us on our journey.

Here is a questionnaire that was designed by our group to statistically measure the level of familiarity of MS patients, their relatives, and others with Cognitive Disorders in MS disease; to reach a closer and more realistic perspective on one of the most important symptoms of the disease.

Cognitive Impairments! Have you ever heard anything about it? or by mistake, like many other people around the world do you think MS is just a physical disease?

Click HERE ! Your contribution will only take a few minutes but will be invaluable!

In addition, we invite MS patients who are interested in participating in our research programs and pilot sessions to join us in the path of our software development. You can complete “NBNZ-CAD : A summary of demographic data of the MS Patients” form and send it to us. After reviewing your medical condition, we will invite people who meet our criteria.

 Remember: We fight for what matters, by your side