Worldwide, approximately 2.5 million people have a diagnosis of MS.

  • Iran is considered as a country with high MS prevalence in Middle East. The study for prevalence estimation of MS in Iran in 2019 indicated Multiple sclerosis (MS) is one of the most common neurological disorders and is one of the main causes of disability. The prevalence and incidence of MS in Iran is reported to range from 5.3 to 89/ 100,000and 7 to 148.1/ 100,000, respectively. There are no systematic and meta-analysis studies on MS in Iran. Therefore, this study was conducted to investigate the prevalence and incidence of MS in Iran using meta-analysis.
  • In Canada, estimates from individual provinces suggest that the prevalence of MS among Canadians may also be one of the highest in the world. An estimated 93,500 Canadians in private households, and 3,800 in long-term care facilities, have MS. Public Health Agency of Canada also anticipates that number to MS patients rise to 133,635 by 2031 in the country.