NBNZ side mobile App

Having NBNZ software as our innovative solution that aims to detect cognitive dysfunctions at early stages in MS patients, we have also developed a side mobile app which can be used by patients who will go through the tests or all those patients who suffer from cognitive impairments for any reason.

we have developed this side app to use it as a marketing channel for introducing our NBNZ software to the patients and at the same time, to make the life of MS patients or any other patients with cognitive impairments easier.

Using this app, patients can log into the application through their phone number/ email address. Once logged in, they will have access to/ can edit their personal profile which will be synced with the main database and will show the results of any tests they have undergone.

Besides introducing NBNZ to patients, the app contains a list of the health centers offering NBNZ tests along with their contact details. The list can be filtered based on the city and patients can reserve an appointment once they select a specific center from the list. (This feature will be active as soon as the list of health centers are updated)

However, the main feature of the application is the helpful games it offers to patients who suffer from cognitive impairment or have high chances of developing cognitive dysfunction in the near future.


The first version of the application has three games. These games which focus on the main cognitive dysfunctions in areas such as working memory, attention, and concentration, have been developed with the help of rehabilitation specialists and psychologists active in the field of game therapy. Given that the games have therapeutic purposes, they have simple graphics and logics. The history of the past seven games as well as their scores can be recorded and the changes in the scores can be viewed in a diagram.

This application is currently being used and tested by the patients and will be modified based on their feedback. It is our intention to add more games to this application as we move on.

It is worth to mention that in designing the side mobile app, we paid attention to design the app in a way that the game environment and colors are used wisely so that they do not have destructive impacts on patients leading them to increase their anxiety levels or panic attacks.

Watch Demo!

For our future release plans, we aim to add following features to our app in order to provide more assistance for our users and their family members:


  • A community of patients and their family where they can empathize about their diseases, discuss the working solutions and read more about the latest advancements in disease treatment methods and therapies
  • A network of professional neurologists and psychologists as out partner who will provide consultancy services to out users both online and offline. These consultancy sessions can be booked through our app by which, the patient’s health log by app can be reviewed by the specialists
  • In case of emergency, the possibility of sending quick messages to trusted family members who have been added to the app with a pre-built message about the situation just with repeating a pre-defined word with patient’s voice.